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Bogor has a long history in government, given since the time of the Kingdom of Pajajaran accordance with the existing evidence as of the Inscription Stone Write, names of villages such as known by the name Lawanggintung, Lawang Saketeng, Jerokuta, Baranangsiang and Leuwi Sipatahunan believed that Pakuan as Pajajaran located in the capital city of Bogor.
Ferns known as the central government in the reign of King Pajajaran Siliwangi (Majesty Maharaja) who penobatanya right on 3 June 1482, the next day was used as the anniversary of Jakarta, since 1973 has been set by the local parliament and as the anniversary of the city of Bogor and Bogor always commemorated every year until now.

As a result of the invasion army to Pakuan Pajajaran Bantam City Pakuan record of the missing, the newly revealed again after the arrival of a group of Dutch people expedition led by Scipio and Riebeck in 1687, and they examined the inscription Batutulis and other sites that believe in Bogorlah located central government Pakuan Pajajaran.

In 1745 the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies at that time named Baron Van Inhoff build the Bogor Palace, along with the construction of roadway that connects Daenless Batavia Bogor, so the state began bekembang Bogor.

During the British occupation of the governor generals are Thomas Rafless, he was quite instrumental in developing the city of Bogor, where the Bogor Palace direnofasi and some land used as the Botanical Gardens (botanical Garden), he also employs a Planner named Carsens who organize as a resort of Bogor Buitenzoorg known.

After returning to the Netherlands East Indies Government on tahun1903, published Decentralization Act which aims to remove the traditional system of government is replaced with a modern system of administration as the realization of which is formed Staadsgemeente.

1. Gemeente Batavia (1903 S. 204)
2. Gemeente Meester Cornelis (S. 1905 No.206)
3. Gemeente Buitenzoorg (S. 1905 No.208)
4. Gemeente Bandoeng (S. 1906 # 121)
5. Gemeente Cirebon (1905 S. 122)
6. Gemeente Soekabumi (S. 1914 No.310)

(Voor Regeringsalmanak Nederlandsh Indie 1928: 746-748)

Gemeente formation was not for the interests of Native people but for the benefit of the Dutch and European society, and equalized group (which became Staatsgemeente Buitenzoorg Burgermeester of Dutch people are always new in 1940 and occupied by persons namely Mr Bumiputra. Soebroto).

In 1922 as a result of dissatisfaction with the role desentralisasiyang there is formed Bestuursher Voorings Ordinance or Law change of Government Affairs of the Netherlands East Indies (State Gazette 1922 No. 216), so that in 1992 formed Regentschaps Ordinance (Ordinance District) which makes provisions Autonomous District area (Staatsblad No. 1925. 79).

West Java Province was formed in 1925 (State Gazette No. 1924. 378 bij Propince West Java), which consists of five residency, 18th District (Regentscape) and Municipality (Gemeente Staads), where Buitenzoorg (Bogor) one Staads Gemeente in the Province of West Java in form based (Statute No. 1905. 208 jo. Staatsblad 1926 No. 368), with pripsip Decentralization Modern, where the position becomes clear Bugermeester.

During the Japanese occupation of government positions in the city of Bogor to be weak because the government focused on the prefectural level, located in the city of Bogor, at this time the names of the institutions of government to change its name, namely: the residency of a Syoeoe, Regency / Regenschaps be ken, City / Staads Gemeente be Si, Kewedanaan be / become gun District, District / Under Districk become Soe and the village became Koe.

In the period after independence, after the recognition of sovereignty of the Government of Indonesia in Bogor Bogor name to the Big City Shrimp on the terms established by Act Number 16 of 1950.

Subsequently in 1957 the name changed to Township government Bogor, in accordance with Law No.. 1 year 1957, then by Law No. 18 of 1965 and Law no. 5 of 1974 turns back into a Level II Regional Municipality of Bogor.

With diberlakukanya Act No. 22 of 1999, the Regional Municipality of Level II is converted into the City Bogor Bogor.

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